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Infrastructure Solutions Australia

Powering Australian Infrastructure

“Infrastructure is much more important than Architecture”

Rem Koolhaas

Professor in Practice of Architecture,
Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.

What we do:

Infrastructure Solutions Australia is a global resource for sourcing and supplying products for major construction projects.  Our team travels the world looking for manufacturers of products that are required in Australian civil infrastructure.  

We identify a supplier and confirm that we can import their products competitively, we then conduct an exhaustive process of evaluating their capabilities, manufacturing standards, quality processes and overall track record to supply our clients with products that meet their project needs.

Once the supplier satisfies our stringent requirements, we then enter an exclusive supply agreement with them which allows us to provide the level of quality and warranty that is expected in top tier projects in Australia and New Zealand.

The Challenge:

The cost of manufacturing in Australia has risen continually for most of the last decade.  Much of the “input” costs for the manufacturing of core products have increased, leaving the manufacturer with little choice but to include those costs in their products. When compared to the products made to the same standard across the global market, the Australian made products are losing commercial competitiveness.

In order to avoid major cost overruns in Australian infrastructure projects, comparison pricing should be sought from international manufacturers that specialise in the supply of these specific products.

Who We Are:

Infrastructure Solutions Australia is a Melbourne based company with dedicated personnel focussed on supplying materials for major construction projects.

Our suppliers are the best in the world at what they manufacture. The scale of their operation is typically very large and this gives them efficiencies in price, quality and of course, greater experience in their field of expertise.

Powering Australian and New Zealand infrastructure projects with premium pre-cast products for rail and segmented tunnels

Infrastructure Solutions Australia specialises in supplying products for rail and tunnel projects including:

  • Railway sleepers
  • Rail plinths
  • Track slabs
  • Tunnel lining segments
  • Shaft lining segments
  • Precast segments for tunnels and shafts
  • Complete fastening systems for all of the above products

Infrastructure Solutions Australia provides:

  • On time delivery
  • High quality products
  • Quality auditing
  • On-site support


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